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  • The National Institute for Trial Advocacy is the world-wide leader in advocacy skills training. NITA brings its forty years of educational leadership in learning-by-doing to bear in this specialized program for family law practitioners. Working in partnership with the American Bar Association’s Section of Family Law this program covers all of the skills used in a divorce proceeding, including the examination of fact and expert witnesses, introduction of exhibits, making and meeting objections, opening statement and closing argument.

    Participants work in groups of six or eight in a simulated courtroom environment. Each student takes an active role in their learning by honing his or her trial skills through performance and constructive feedback from instructors. Lectures and demonstrations are kept to a minimum as everyone learns through hands-on experience.  Many exercises are recorded and then reviewed in a one-on-one session with an instructor.  A special expert in communications and theater techniques counsels each participant in a private half-hour session. Law schools and other CLE providers have adopted NITA teaching methods for their own programs.

    At the Family Law Advocacy Institute you experience the cutting edge of advocacy teaching from those who developed the process.  The program, and its faculty, demand a lot from each participant. It is intensive, yet fast-paced, and provides literally years of trial experience.

    The ABA scholarship application deadline is Friday, April 3rd.

    NITA discounts and scholarships are not applicable for this program.

    Based on a 60-minute hour, it is anticipated that participants of this trial skills program will receive 44.25 units of credit and one unit of ethics.

    California and Florida Attorneys: The ABA/NITA Family Law TAI course counts towards certification in marital and family law specialization.

    Read more about the program here.

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NITA U programs use Moodle, a Learning Management System, capable of offering synchronous and asynchronous learning. This models what one would see in a University setting – discussion boards, live online class time, video performance review, video lecture and demo content, and reading. NITA U programs would be approximately 4 weeks or longer and allow the students a more in-depth classroom experience without leaving their home or office.

We will pilot NITA U with a trial program and then test our less well-attended, but often requested, in-person programs such as mediation or arbitration to see if the convenience of online learning draws more students to attend.

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